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A personal example: «we cut costs by 39%»!

Hi everyone!

Last month we launched our new project, so there were so few articles, but I will definitely change it!

Here is one more detailed short case from another our client:

«In 2014 our company had 314 employees. Among them, there were 8 accountants who were engaged in the calculation of wages and taxes. Also in the staff were 6 people who worked as HR-managers. They were involved in the maintenance of personal documentation.

After our company entered into an agreement with the outstaffer HuntSmart, 112 employees were dismissed from the staff, so all our accountants, involved in the calculation of wages and taxes, were completely disbanded. Only one person left from the HR-managers. As you remember, at first there were six of them. This one man, Bobby Jamines, is training personnel now. He does exactly what he dreamed of doing all his life! His salary grew by 30%, as additional funds appeared in the budget.

Outstaffing agency services for us cost $ 12320. Even with the fact that Bobby Jones and some other guys now gets 30% more, the overall staff expenses have decreased by 39%!

And yes, the effectiveness of the work is the same. And yes, we helped our dismissed personnel with their next works.

Just take the calculator and calculate everything by yourself, and you will understand the main benefit of it.»

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