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«Hello, are you Julius Caesar?»

We are proud to publish a material about outsourcing that was written by one of our clients.

When we last time shared a case study about the effectiveness of our work with another client and indicated contact information of CEO and company’s name, the client received 6 offers from competing firms within a 3 weeks. We had to remove that case at the request of the client. Therefore, unfortunately, we can not provide our client’s contact information publicly at this time.

“Many entrepreneurs, especially at the beginning of their creative path, try to do everything themselves in order to save a lot of money. As a rule, most of this people are short-lived in their endeavors. First, they miss the little things, then they forget the most important details and those, who do not stop at this stage, finally fall off their feet, wanting nothing more.

Believe me, it is better to eat Caesar salad at the seaside, celebrating the new successful deal, while your business is working at home, than to be Caesar himself. This happened to those businessmen, who realized, that some of the key processes in the company are better off to outsourcing than to rush from side to side trying to do everything in time.

The main of such processes are:
— logistic, warehousing, and accounting;
— advertising;
— accounting services;
— IT services;
— security services.

This is only a little part of processes, which off to outsource. Each entrepreneur himself determines, what his staff can handle and what to entrust to niche professionals.

Our company works in the market of office supplies since 1994. Today we are too young to be a big corporation, but too old to solve all the problems ourselves. And so much everyday problems we off to outsourcing today but at the beginning, it wasn’t such as today. In 1994, we were a small basement with one or two computers and five or seven members of the collective. Each person performed many tasks from day to day: solved, purchased, looked for buyers, worked in the warehouse, served customers by phone and live and so on. It is right to say that each person in our company was universal. The director of the firm participated in all these processes and performed not only the duties of the manager but also the duties of ordinary workers. That’s why he knew all the processes of the company inside.

But we grew up and we needed more space, more people, and more knowledge. Passed about ten to fifteen years before there were people to whom we could delegate some processes to outsource. After all, before entrusting work to strangers, it was necessary to study it thoroughly. Otherwise, how do you know if they know what they are doing? Today we have several important processes in outsourcing, but at the same time, we have a lot of full-time specialists — more than 100 people! And some of these people work, almost in outsourcing. Now I will explain how this is possible.

We have the main office with warehouse, the main shop, procurement department, sales department, accounting department and even with our own printing house and kitchen. In the same time, we also have four shops in the different district of our town. Each shop has its own superintendent, who works full-time and receives a fixed wage. But the head of each store can make the necessary decisions in store management, regardless of top management, and this is part of the delegated tasks. Such as recruitment, work time schedule and internal issues of the unit. Of course, this is not pure outsourcing, but still not quite a regular situation. Such structure of the management was the first step for outsourcing in our company.

A clear example of the transition to outsourcing in our company is opening the online store on the internet. Can a company owner without experience in online sales, successfully launch such a project? The answer is not. Because it does not matter how many books you re-read and webinars revised, in practice is not so simple and transparent. That’s why we decided to invite professionals from HuntSmart to develop and promote the online store.

Outsourcing is good for business, and now HuntSmart team provide recruiting, IT and online advertising services. Considering high quality of their employees work, I’d like to say that it really cheaper than to hire IT specialist in our town! The salary for the employee must be at least 3000-3500$/month, but HuntSmart rate for the same specialist is only 2250$/month. I think it’s because that they are located in the country with fewer salaries, but it’s better to ask them about it 😉

Making a decision to entrust processes to professionals, you get the opportunity and time to work on a common business strategy and solve priority tasks. But do not forget that you need at least a little understanding of the processes that you delegate in order not to be deceived.”

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