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Why 60% of office employees will work from home in 2022?

According to the analysts at Millennial Branding and, 45% of Generation Y (millenniums) prefer flexible forms of employment (a non-standard approach to organizing work with flexible schedules and without binding to the workplace) to a high level of pay. And this number of people involved in labor activity only grows. The conclusion is simple: companies with a fixed schedule and workplace risk losing valuable personnel, even if they maintain a competitive level of wages.

The number of companies using flexible forms of employment is growing. The development of this trend makes managers think that the future of a successful business is due to the employee’s ability to independently choose a workplace.

According to the experts of Virgin Media Business, by 2022 about 60% of office employees will work from home. Moreover, the world’s largest economic is already actively using a new approach: according to the Telework Research Network, in 2015, 30 million people in the US worked at least once a week from home, and by 2020 their number will grow to 50 million.

Advantages for the employees

The reason why business owners in developed countries are not afraid to «lose control» over their subordinates is a flexible form of employment can benefit both sides.

Within the framework of this model, the employee will perform the same amount of work, but will have important advantages: less time will be spent on the road, daily transport, food costs and stress level will decrease, and more time can be spent on family and personal hobbies.

Thus, having more freedom in time management, the employee becomes happier and more efficient. He has more reasons to maintain the loyalty to his company.

Advantages for the companies

The work process for employees will require less nervous tension, resulting in less frequent sickness and less downtime (a study by the UK government found that at least one-third of employees are absent due to the stress or depression). The Social Market Foundation research center has established that the productivity of happy workers rises by 12%, and the upset – decreases by 10%. The attractiveness of the company for potential applicants will definitely increase.

CEOs often fear that the introduction of flexible forms of employment is a risky step for business. However, modern realities require companies to focus on the key task – profit making, which in turn directly depends on the time spent on production and the quality of the final product. Unfortunately, the formal presence of employees in the office from 9:00 to 18:00 is not able to guarantee a similar result, because in order to make your employee to work effectively, it is also necessary to provide the right motivation.

With a competent approach to motivation, a subordinate becomes interested in achieving a result even more than a CEO! First of all, this happens due to the fact that when by working remotely, efficient and high-quality execution of tasks leaves the employee more time for personal affairs and hobbies.

Globalization factor

Serious damage to the concept of “work in office and on schedule” inflicts globalization, which require companies to provide consumers with everything they need in 24/7 mode. And you can require your employees to be ready to join the work process at any time of the day or night, but sooner or later it will either seriously damage their health, or reduce loyalty to a critical level.

An alternative to the concept of «permanent accessibility» is a working group distributed throughout the world. Modern technologies allow to ensure the full involvement of each remote employee in the work of the team, and to create a team that can function in 24/7 mode, and it is not necessary to overload workers from one location only.

You can assemble a team of professionals who live in different time zones. This approach will allow the company not to be limited to one city during the process of searching for the best candidates for the position.

So, flexible forms of employment increase the competitiveness of companies and the quality of employee’s life, and the technology of remote work helps to successfully implement it.

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